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Although the arguments presented for a flood are from Watchtower publications, little of this originates with Watchtower writers, but borrows heavily from fundamental Christian sources.

Following are key areas to consider when deciding if a global flood is possible, presented in layman's terms.

If such was the case, then, of course, the animals had no difficulty in migrating to these lands." it-1 pp.

110-112 The Watchtower is misusing the evidence for land bridges, as oceanographic studies show the separation of continents is happening at a matter of centimetres per year, not hundreds of meters, as would be required if Australia separated from the other continents a mere 4,000 years ago.

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Geologists can point to their measurements of geologic processes that extend far beyond that narrow time frame.

For continents to drift apart and form oceans takes hundreds of millions of years.

To say that all of this goes back only 10,000 years is simply absurd in the eyes of geologists." Awake 1983 Mar 8 p.14 Remember that Watchtower quote, as it undermines several arguments from the Watchtower for proving a flood, and will be discussed later.

The Watchtower uses the argument that a land bridge existed for marsupials to cross.

"Some have contended that the presence of animals on isolated islands like Australia and New Zealand is an indication that not all land animals outside the ark perished in the Deluge.

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