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Place four controls from the Web forms section of the Toolbox onto the form. If Is Valid returns a value of true then all of the validation checks were successful.

This is the exact position the error message will appear if validation fails. This also improves response time on the server because the ASP.

With the regular expression that you provided it should not be a match in C# or in Java Script and a validation error seems to be correctly shown in the image that you provided.

Before accepting data from over the network you need to ensure all of the required fields have been filled out and conform to your formats and business rules. NET provides a number of validation controls to ease the burden of performing validation on both sides of the network. To walk along with the example, create a new web application in Visual Studio . Once the application is setup, right click on the empty web form, select Properties from the context menu, and change the Page Layout property to Flow Layout. Notice we need to check the Is Valid property of the base class before performing any critical action in the submit event.

The QRegular Expression Validator class is used to check a string against a regular expression.

QRegular Expression Validator uses a regular expression (regexp) to determine whether an input string is Acceptable, Intermediate, or Invalid.

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