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Surprisingly, one of the most unexpected events this year was that, in spite of the persistent anti-Russian propaganda coming out of Washington, London and Brussels, many people were able to see through it and recognize the valuable contribution Russia is making to the world.

The epic failure of the warmongers in Syria as a result of Russia's phenomenal efforts was likely a turning point that helped expose the blatant lies of the global 'Deep State' to a mainstream audience.

Our Sunday radio show dealing with current affairs and our Friday 'Health and Wellness Show" continued to grow in popularity with listeners from all over the world tuning in and participating in the discussion.We continue to hear of large nuggets being unearthed from sites that have been well worked.Well worked by the original diggers more than a century ago, and more recently by those privateers with their new technically advanced detectors.A recent development is that, from now on, there will be lots more original content articles at the top of the SOTT page.Our message has also been reaching a wider and more diverse audience with Joe Quinn appearing regularly on Iranian Press TV and Sputnik Radio.

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