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About 75 years ago, Detroit was THE booming industrial automotive epicenter of the world. What I loved, cherished & built for the last 15 yrs is being vaporized.At the end of World War II, Hiroshima was entirely destroyed as one of two Japanese cities that had the first atomic bombs Are “Deadbeat Dads” a MYTH? In the '80s Bill and Mary Peffley were the kind of good Catholics who, disappointing to me, went along with the changes at Vatican II, but they did not compromise on our teachings.(Obedience and being laid back about nonessentials are good, and I had few role models for the latter, but liberal church folks, don't force your un-Catholic agenda on me, especially at my most vulnerable, trying to pray or even confess my sins.

Men Going Their Own Way, or MGTOW, is an important group connected with the ongoing male awakening and enlightenment of the early 21st century.

Follow our teachings and leave me alone, or join another religion.

This is why I go to traditional services almost exclusively; it's not religious entertainment or an ego trip.) It's a big church with many callings: some are called to fight for the old ways, like the saintly Archbishop Lefebvre, with public displays of faith; others, like Opus Dei working low-profile, almost undercover, in the big, bad business and political worlds, do very different but equally good work.

Ever wonder where the exploding population of single mothers comes from? In a terrific display of psychopathy, daytime horror-show host (and drag-queen-Ru Paul-look-alike) Wendy Williams teaches women to deceive their husbands and trap Radio shock jock Tom Leykis likens the general appearance of married men and their deflated vitality to that of a beaten dog.

A newly married man will appear to be quite content at first, as pleased as a frog in a pot of cool fresh water – with no predators around – until you turn We all have free will, and are answerable for our actions, but when our most important life decisions are based on childhood brainwashing, abuse, mis-information, and societal pressures, we are destined to make some poor decisions.

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