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The Age of Austerity was also the age of the classic Ealing comedies, perfect examples of feel-good film-making.In the best Ealing films like Passport To Pimlico or Whisky Galore, a community of eccentric and mildly anarchic characters would invariably come together to thwart the big, bad, interfering bureaucrats. The "feelgood movie" isn't just a maudlin, happy-ever-after fable with a final reel that sets your heart aglow.Rather, it's a film that gives you a jolt with its sheer zest and captures the spirit of the era in which it is made.

What distinguished it wasn't just the anthropomorphy or the presence of fat-cheeked little infant but the tempo.Sullivan's Travels is about John L Sullivan (Joel Mc Crea), a glib and successful young Hollywood director of comedies, who yearns to be taken seriously.He wants to make films of "social significance" that hold up a "mirror" to the experiences of the common man.Serious, self-conscious auteurs are often too busy trying to express their innermost feelings about art and politics to worry about keeping audiences happy.However, as Preston Sturges famously showed in his comedy Sullivan's Travels (1941), if you're stuck on a prison chain gang, you don't necessarily want to watch Battleship Potemkin.

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