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Although this continuous flow is frequently viewed as wasteful, it can, in fact, be controlled.

During periods of low water use in fall and winter, water-tight gates can seal off the qanat).

We will give children ownership of their learning by placing the emphasis on what our children need, involving them in deciding what they want to learn and the very best way they feel they can learn it through a varied diet of learning and social experiences.

Our responsibility is to encourage each child to look beyond their immediate environment and experience, to open their eyes to new possibilities, to broaden their horizons and to take full advantage of the opportunities open to them.

Together the two brands control a strong % of the Australian dating market and we will work to try and strengthen that position even further.

The Oasis.com/platform will also now have the resources to push further into markets outside of Australia and promote our new App coming out early in 2015. Daniel Haigh (the other co-Founder of Oasis Active) is now the Director of Product and Technology and myself CEO of RSVP & Oasis.

Lessons learned from pilot projects like the one in Syria led to the development of renovation criteria which included: (i) a stable groundwater level, (ii) a consistent underground tunnel construction; (iii) social cohesion in the community using the qanat; (iv) existing system of water rights and regulation; and (vi) willingness of the water users to contribute.When properly maintained, a qanat is a sustainable system that provides water indefinitely.The self-limiting feature of a qanat, however, is also its biggest drawback when compared to the range of technologies available today., and although some winter water is used for domestic use, much larger amounts of irrigation water are needed during the daylight hours of the spring and summer growing seasons.Dave Heysen and Daniel Haigh are the co-founders and will be attending i Date this week. We felt that together we would be a stronger market force and cover more of the market, particularly the Australian market. The deal was a Merger, with the aim to look for synergies between the two companies.Both companies need to be more dynamic to deal with the pace at which the market is currently changing.

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