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So, yeah, "Traumatic" is a good word to describe it. The quick-cutting video is full odd images, including frontman Jacoby Shaddix singing while hanging upside-down in a straitjacket, and drummer Tony Palermo banging his drumsticks on a tree stump for an audience of sheep.Papa Roach comes home in April to start a run of U. festival dates starting with the Monster Energy Fort Rock show on April 25 in Fort Myers, Fla., on August 31st, and the first single from that album, "Kick in the Teeth", blasts its way up the charts, I had the opportunity to talk with the band's lead singer, Jacoby Shaddix.

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He is best known as being the founding member and the continuous lead singer of the California-based rock band Papa Roach since the band's formation in 1993.

And there were many people writing same thimgs like here: "Oh, what?!

When he made his way through the crowd he walked right by us and he was maybe my height (5'8").

The set is the follow-up to 2012's "The Connection," which was co-produced by Kevin Churko and his son Kane Churko.

Frontman Jacoby Shaddix tells us that the California quartet's approach to the album "intentionally was to make a bit of a heavier record, and I think we achieved that on a few songs.

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