Ismaili dating service validating documents

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Islam is the second-largest religion in the world, after Christianity.

Although it's becoming increasingly important in Western society, especially current affairs and world politics, the three-fourths of the world's population that don't adhere to it have some very strange ideas about what it's like.

It is by no means exclusive to those East African Muslims; East African Christians also practice them (to an even larger extent, in the case of Ethiopia), but it somehow manages to avoid much press...Halal is typically referred to as a law of cleanliness, including a set of dietary restrictions somewhat similar to rules in Judaism.For example, meat must be specially prepared, absolutely no pork may be eaten, etc.In Turkey, such clothing is forbidden in government/public areas like universities: one President's wife was criticised for wearing it at his swearing-in.In other countries, it's fully enforced by the police.

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