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As unfortunate as it may be, you may not be the only lesbian texting her.

See, a common mistake most lesbians make when they’re texting a girl is that they mistake responses for attraction.

To make sure you NEVER again waste texts on pointless chatter, ask yourself this golden question: If your answer is simply “to get to know her better,” erase the text. Instead, get to know her better on your actual date.

You’ll have more to talk about and will less likely run out of things to say. When a woman gives you her number she is not signing a social contract to go out with you… she’s probably not going to bother meeting up with you.

In the lesban world, texting is a VERY common way of securing a date with another woman.

She always texts in that same high energy, excited style (not to mention, she makes a GREAT wing-woman).Here are some signs you’re not being fun: Remember, every text you send should make you seem like the fun option. If you’re texting an attractive woman chances are you are not the only lesbian she is getting a text from today. But between other women pursuing her, ex-girlfriends, perhaps even men, and so on… So if you want to stand out- your texts need to display your unique style and personality.You should appear to be the escape from her boring day. She should be able to know it’s a text from you just by reading it (even if the name was blocked.) What words, phrases, punctuation, or emoticons are uniquely yours?Texting should be the “Super cool” cliff notes of a normal conversations. You always have to be moving the conversation forward. And at the top of that staircase is the girl sitting (naked) waiting for you.Meaning: leave out the formalities and skip the small talk. Every text you send should be climbing you one step higher on that staircase. If you ask a woman to hang out, without first sparking an emotion…

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