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i know that in one of his dialogues he states that came to live with tototara when he was really little so another one of my hc’s is that his parents gave him away so that they could have more fun in their lives; having a child around just gets in the way of that and they just never came back.

so YEAH srry if you dont agree with my characterization, thats just how i see him!

While men can steadily climb the career path until retirement, women know they are going to miss a few rungs while they start their families.

No amount of egg-freezing, or all-women shortlists is going to change that fact.

Ambitious workers are also likely to put-off settling down for longer, and so their preferences narrow.

Add to that the fact that men and women want more than ever from a partner – a lover, a friend, a muse – and you suddenly have a glut of successful, yet lonely people.

haaaaaa why do i feel so embarrassed posting this lol i think it’s cuz i dont think im good at “deep” stuff and am worried people wont get what im trying to portray in this comic OTL i tried tho!

and that’s a big step for someone like me so yeuh just a lil background into how i headcanon ludus and his whole family situation.

England was added to the mark Wedgwood in 1891 to comply with the American Customs Regulation known as the Mc Kinley Tariff Act dating wedgwood queensware.

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im just gonna copypaste from something i was writing - “In reality, Ludus is a bit insecure of himself; knows like nearly all the Lulukoko ppl depend on him for a lot of things to the point he takes up too much work and overworks himself (dont eat/sleep) for the sake of getting the job done.

Doesn’t want to fail them at risk of being abandoned like his parents did to him when he was little.” so like even tho he knows he was raised with love he still has that nagging feeling in the back of his head that gets to him every once in a while.

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