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It is always a good idea to take a hard look at anything labeled with one of these fabrics to ensure stability. The name and graphics on this label, coupled with the great shirt graphics clearly say late 1960's or early 1970's. Grant Co, which went out of business in 1976, so it must date to before that time.The fact that it was made in Korea also dates it to this time. This suit label - "Bert Newman for Suitime" has equally great graphics that reflect those deco-revival styles popular in the 1970's. Vintage sizes get closer to the modern sizes as you get closer in the decades.This was a bit of a wake up call as to how old I am, I mean, the wealth of vintage knowledge that I possess.I decided there and then to put some of that knowledge to use here.This women's red suede power suit from the 1980's shows the more sophisticated embroidered label manufacturing that became the standard during that decade.The Korean origins, (along with the killer shoulder pads! The trend for more sophisticated (i.e.: embroidered, not printed) manufacturer, size, and, care labels continued through the 1980's.Clothing was no longer seen from Korea that often, and Taiwan, India and China showed up on labels much more frequently.

The term "British Crown Colony" was no longer used after 1983, but, the boat-neck curved-waist style of this dress dates it much earlier, to the late 1950's most likely.One clue that I always use, however, is the manufacturer or store label.Most often in conjunction with those other details, the label can often help you easily confirm or reject an item as vintage.This label also shows another important characteristic.Women's clothing sizes were numbered much larger in the past then they are now.

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