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If you are in the United States Please follow these instructions.

(If you are outside the United States, please contact your Distributor in your country.) If they have run out of ink, we need you to send them back to us for Recharging/Replacement.

Return them to us along with the information we ask for.

(If you do not have your original order number, please just include where you purchased or received your pen from.) Please understand that it might take 3 or 4 weeks for your replacement pen to arrive back to you.

The information I got with them at the time of purchase said that they were guaranteed ti write forever, or until we set foot on Mars, neither of which has happened yet. You are right, they are guaranteed to write for you for that time!

Like I said though, Store is preferred and these get XStore functions are deprecated After all, it seems like the get XStore are still accessible from the controller, even when defined in the application.

I used to call them in the "init" method of the controller and i've moved them in the launch() and now they seem to work. It shouldn't even be possible if I read what you just said correctly....

To locate your refill click on the Pressurized Refill section located on the left side of this screen Any PR or SPR refill would be your choice.

I have a Fisher Space Pen I purchased at the US Senate store in 1987 or so. Click on My Account located at the top of this page, enter the email address you used on the order, enter your password and click Sign In (Blue Box).

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