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Don’t worry about saying hello or getting a number, just make eye contact and consider it a win.Start an Indirect Conversation: Now that you are getting more comfortable at venues, and starting to be ok around women, begin starting indirect conversations.Failure is not as bad as you may imagine it, so get out there and just start. You learn to manage fear, to accept fear for what it is and see it as a call to action.So learn to feel the fear and do it anyways, if you aren’t a little scared you aren’t growing!

They knew how to have sex like pornstars, but none of them really knew much about a woman’s body; or their own, for that matter, and though they gave it a good go, it was all just kinda half assed and unsatisfactory on both sides. We put a condom on a banana if we’re lucky, and then with the notion that we should all pretend we know what’s going on (no one ever admits they don’t, so not many people talk about HOW to do it in detail.) We all end up just making it up as we go along. After doing the Well F%cked Woman course, I signed up for Kim’s Sexual Mastery for Men video series, and was so surprised by what I learnt about the dude side of things that I started forwarding her emails to the guy I was seeing at the time.After years of practice and rejection, Tripp has devoted his life to helping other men have thriving dating lives through his e Books, online courses, coaching and podcasting.1.You Will Have to do Crazy Shit to Succeed Whatever your goals are, you will probably have to do crazy shit to achieve them.Podcast: Play in new window | Download Tripp Kramer is the founder and CEO of the Tripp Advice podcast and blog, a resource for men to help them take their sex and dating lives to the next level.Tripp was a traditional shy guy who decided to tackle his challenges with women head on.

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