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I asked them a series of questions including their name, age, relationship status, what they were looking for, and what age they hoped to settle down. Though my sample is small comparatively speaking to the number of people living in the city, I feel that it is representative of a great majority of The results were not at all shocking. I've known it all along, but here it is in black and white: the men in New York City want to reap all the benefits of having a girlfriend, without labeling it as a relationship.Hence, 72% of my sample is looking for something in between friends with benefits, and a relationship.No catch, no gimmicks, find a single man here for free right now.We have lots more single men in New York, New York, join now and start chatting with one of our single guys now!Here, men reply to half of all messages, and women reply to 20% (the highest female reply rate across Ok Cupid’s top cities, tied with Salt Lake City).

Looking at the percentage of members in the US who say they’d be willing to consider an open relationship, an unsurprising pattern is uncovered: Members in the central and southern parts of the country, which tend to be more conservative, are less likely to be open to open relationships.But then I thought to myself, maybe I'm just picking or attracting the wrong guys.Then again, my friends have had similar experiences, so it can't JUST be me.This data captures dating patterns in broad strokes — it certainly doesn’t mean that every guy you meet in NYC is looking for an open relationship.So please give us your thoughts on your city and your dating experience there in the comments below.

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