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Sappiamo che il concetto di "scontro delle civilt", ora conosciuto e utilizzato in tutto il mondo, stato coniato da Samuel Huntington e reso popolare dal libro con quel titolo, pubblicato negli Stati Uniti nel 1996 e diventato rapidamente un bestseller mondiale.

Professore a Harvard, Huntington legato strettamente ad agenti di influenza importante, molto introdotti negli ambienti dirigenti americani, come Brzezinski e Kissinger.

As a conclusion of this discussion (led by Pavel Tulaev), it has been decided: A discussion of the final declaration of the conference, prepared by Anatoly Ivanov in Russian and French, also took place.

After the discussion, the final declaration, in which the necessity of collaboration and creating a new international union is proclaimed, was signed by: Anatoly Ivanov (Russia), Vladimir Avdeyev (Russia), Pavel Tulaev (Russia), Galyna Lozko (Ukraine), Pierre Vial (France), Guillaume Faye (France), Jan-Ber Tillenon (Breizh), Pierre Krebs (Germany), Constantin von Hoffmeister (Germany), Enrique Ravello (Spain), Eleftherios Ballas (Greece).

Great musical compositions of European classical composers, such as Glinka, Grieg, Strauss, Chaikovsky and Rachmaninov, as well as patriotic anthems by Poletayev, were welcomed with cheers.

Right after the concert, the delegates were invited onto the stage and had a chance to address the audience with brief salutary speeches.

The conference was held at the assembly hall of the International Fund for Slavic Literature and Culture (Chernigovsky Pereulok, 9/13), according to the rules of accreditation declared in advance. The Danger of Turkish Mass Immigration (German) - Constantin von Hoffmeister (Germany). Metapolitical Front of the White Movement (English) - Gerhoch Reisegger (Austria).Therefore Doctor Love himself designed this great machine for you.With The Love Calculator you can calculate the probability of a successful relationship between two people.

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